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In order to put together a website, you can use HTML and CSS! If you want to put together a great-looking website without any knowledge of HTML or CSS, you can install the Content Management Software WordPress - whether you want a blog, an e-shop, or a business or personal website, you can use WordPress to put something fantastic together.

Based in the UK, London, Tsohost is one of the UK's largest hosts. They have many business and personal customers, and have expanded exponentially in recent years. Whether you're based in the UK, US, France, Spain, Italy, Isle fo Man, Ireland, Denmark or elsewhere inside and outside of the EU, they're a superb option for any need.

Business level hosting, for businesses with advanced requirements (e.g. dedis needing guaranteed network uptime, or professional expert support who can troubleshoot needs, or advanced automation, and so on).

This website is built on the idea of simple, basic web design, with no clutter, no tracking cookies, GDPR-compliant (and ePrivacy), and no JavaScript. Whether or not you use Tsohost to host your website, and whether or not you use the Tsohost promotional codes and Tsohost discount codes, stick to clear, sensible design! Simple, accessible web design is as important in 2018 as it was in 2010 and will be in 2019, 2020, 2021 and into the future!